There goes everything for what I didn't make a page

Most of this requires .NET Framework 4 on Windows

DeMacify. Did a Mac sh!t on your disks again?

Clean out .DS_Store and so on from your flash drives and hard disks. Easy as pie.

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DirWatch. Now that's folders with portals!

alpha version

Make any directory a portal. Literally — once a file appears in it, it instantly gets moved to an other one. Or whatever you wish, depending on the settings.

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MCLoader. It just works.

Abandoned software. This won't work with the modern Forge or Minecraft version >1.5.1.

Not the best, but pretty usable Minecraft loader.

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SysInfo. Plain useless.

Small system info app that we wrote with my brother while I was teaching him VB.NET.

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GuessNumber. Well, I was just bored.

An app that guesses the number the user thinks of.

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AutoTyper. Hotkey-typing.

Initially written as a GTA Vice City cheat-typer, this was published as i thought this might be useful to someone else.

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Errorator. (aka ErrorWidgets)

Abandoned software. I think I don't even have the source code for this anymore.

Errorator is a lightweight and fun utility that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of generating custom error messages. It can also create on demand info, exclamation and question pop-ups. Errorator runs minimized in your system tray and right-clicking its icon will reveal the main menu of the program.

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DockTool. Change Dock design quickly.

A hacklet to quickly toggle 2D-3D dock. Please note you may need to run defaults write no-glass -boolean YES in Terminal prior to using this tool, or it will give an error.

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MicroAmp. A damn simple audio player.

The title says it all.

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