Precision 10-band EQ. Full control over your sound.

Adjust the frequency response to your liking and your rig's performance, and enjoy your music.

Just add a tracklist and go.

AIEdit automatically finds when it's time to flip the tape so no music tails are left unrecorded due to the side ending while the music's still playing. Plus, it can rewind the tape when it's done for you.

Transport control. Let the computer work for you.

Using an Arduino you can let AIEdit control your tape deck. It will automatically rewind, start and stop the tape when it's needed. All you have to do is flip the tape when asked. And on auto-reverse decks, no need for that, too!

Currently supported models:

Planned models:

  • Marantz PMD510 — recently obtained (thanks Alex and Daniil), researching the protocols...

CoreAudio powered. Pure sound quality.

No processing is done except for the EQ, and that leads to perfect sound, whether you are using a WAV rip of a CD, AAC from iTunes Store, or some mp3's off the web.


Saveable projects. Portable tape masters.

You can save the tape playlist by hitting Cmd-S, and if you want to send the tape over to another computer, use the Master menu to create a Tape Master Archive, containing the project and all the tracks from it.

Start recording right now

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Version 2.4, 28 Dec 2016. Requires Mac OS 10.7 or higher.